Monday, August 21, 2006


Welcome to the blog dedicated to writings of Rev. Fr. Christopher Hunter, a great Catholic priest and a great American!

Check back often as we publish Fr. Hunter's books, articles, pamphlets and other texts online.

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This blog is NOT endorsed or authorized by Rev. Fr. Christopher Hunter.

We are doing this on our own initiative and without permission from the SSPX or Fr. Hunter.

Fr. Hunter's writings have been suppressed and neglected for too long! That's going to change. Here's why: Catholics have been deceived on two vital subjects:

1. The American Founding Fathers

2. Catholic social action in a traditional religious world where piety and personal sanctity trump all other interests and concerns, creating a "ghetto" mentality where Catholic social action and militant political, social and cultural activism on behalf of the Kingship of Christ take a back seat to immersion in a paraylzing quietism that is more Protestant than Catholic. The Church needs informed, aware, knowledgeable, politically active laymen who will fight in the trenches for the Kingship of Christ.

Father Hunter addresses these two concerns with peerless Catholic insight and scholarship.

Stay tuned -- you're in for an education in authentic, traditional Catholic homiletics and history!

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